The truth behind zodiac signs and compatibility


Lauren Johnston, Staff Writer

Valentine’s Day is officially upon us, and people all around the world are rushing to find someone who can fit all their standards to spend this special day with. And we all have different standards when it comes to our ideal partner whether it is height, favorite movie, or the compatibility of zodiac signs. 

Zodiac signs have been gaining popularity through social media by viewing people’s personality traits based on their astrological charts. Zodiac signs are based on one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac that the sun passes through on the day that you’re born. 

Bringing up the compatibility of signs and how they can reflect your personality can spark controversy within conversations. If you talk to teacher, Jacob Koepnick, you will be able to get an understanding of how zodiac signs have strayed from their origins. 

“Historial zodiac was a part of ancient Mesopotamia religious practice that involved looking at the sky then drawing pictures. It has accumulated over religious traditions over a period of hundreds or thousands of years that has been grossly appropriated in modern pop culture to provide entertainment,” said Koepnick. 

Luckily, Jacob Koepnick is married to someone who agrees with his point of view on this topic; Maddie Koepnick also believes that they are fun to look at though not always accurate. 

“When looking at my zodiac sign, I can pick out little pieces that apply to me in some aspects but also if you are looking for that it’s easy to see,” said Mrs.Koepnick.

However, some couples may make spectators rethink their disbelief on zodiac signs. An almost perfect compatibility is seen in juniors Corey Dixon and Tori Rivera who are celebrating their second Valentine’s Day together. 

This couple are twin fires signs. With Dixon being a Sagitarious and Rivera an Aries, both embody the traits of being bold, creative and social beings. They agree that their zodiac’s compatibility description of pushing each other beyond their abilities is accurate to their personalities. 

“Since Corey and I have gotten together we both encourage and push each other to do things we wouldn’t do on our own; I’m more likely to do things now I would have said no to before,” said Rivera. 

Though, it’s not only long lasting couples that can see resemblance within the other based on their zodiac sign descriptions. Only being a couple for a month, students, Mackenzie Schaffer and Zach Van Wychen, can view similarities. 

Both are water signs making them have kindred traits to one another. Van Wychen is a Tarus, which means he is supposedly confident, hard-headed and driven. While Schaffer as a Capricorn has traits of persistence, practicality and determination. 

While they agree that zodiac signs aren’t reliable, when discovering that a Tarus can be over confident individuals Schaffer’s reaction was, “Oh, for sure.” 

Everyone can have a little part of the traits of their zodiac sign within their personality even if they don’t personally believe in it. Before going into a relationship it won’t hurt to look up your compatibility to make sure the stars truly align.