Homecoming means work for those behind the scenes


Delaney Fredricksen, Staff Writer

Powderpuff, the parade, the dance. These are all events that BHS generally associates with homecoming. But who organizes these events? Who makes sure the pep assembly runs smoothly, or that the dance is a success? Students often forget to recognize the people behind these events, leading and planning these school-wide activities.

Junior Liv Pridemore, chair of the spirit week committee, has been on Student Council for three years. For her, the challenge has been communicating with so many different people. 

“I had to communicate with the elementary schools and middle school which was hard because I couldn’t like go and talk in person. I had to communicate through email which was kind of a pain,” said Pridemore. 

Her favorite thing about being in charge of a committee is that she “knows all the secrets.” An extremely involved student at BHS, Pridemore is student council, the student newspaper, RSVP, FBLA, FCCLA and the principal advisory committee.

Juls Vallejo and Elias Lightfoot, both juniors and co-chairs of the marketing and bonding committee have been working hard to make sure students are well informed on what is happening each day of homecoming week. The two have been creating flyers for different committees to hang around the school. 

Vallejo says they do the important things first to ensure ads are made in a timely manner. Lightfoot and Vallejo are both involved in a myriad of activities alongside student council.

Emily Smith, a junior, is the chair of the powderpuff committee and has been working diligently to make sure the event goes smoothly.

She attributes her ability to get things done to her prioritization and time management.  She says she works her way down her lists starting with the most important items.

Loukia Constantinedes is a senior and is in her fourth year of student council. As the chair of the homecoming dance committee, she has been working on planning a smooth dance since the beginning of the summer. 

“Most of the work was done over the summer,” Constantinedes said. “I’ve gone to a lot of PRIDE sessions with Mrs. Burroughs and Ms. Mahoney. It’s a ton of work but I’m still so excited to be able to see everything when it’s finished, it’s kind of surreal, I love seeing all of our hard work pay off.” Constantinides is a member of student council, RSVP and NHS. She’s also a drum major for the marching band while being involved in several other activities.

Senior Dillan Tholin, chair of the parade committee, says that he’s been using a lot of his spare time to be able to make sure everything runs smoothly the day of. 

He said, “I take advantage of all available time and I spend a lot of time at home working on the parade,” said Tholin.  Along with being in band, student council, Tholin is also a school board representative and works at Niabi Zoo. 

Jordan Martens (Junior), chair of the pep assembly committee, has been working hard to ensure that the two pep assemblies are fun and exciting for students. Martens says that she has been managing her time between this and her several other commitments by “A lot of time management and to-do lists” 

“Listening to what others have to say and working together to achieve our goal is super important,” Martens said.

 Lastly, Cata Fernandez, Junior, is the chair of the coronation committee. She handles everything from electing the homecoming court to actually crowning them. “I think it all comes down to time management, make sure what needs to get done gets done first,” Fernandez said. Time management is a common theme among these leaders.