Cross country poised to have best season in seven years


Varsity runner Chase Wakefield attributes much of his success to a positive attitude.

Lauren Johnston, Staff Writer

The 2022-2023 cross country team has high hopes for this season. This year’s team is the fastest coaches have seen in seven years and is set for great success. 

Coaches are focusing on getting negative splits between each mile. Upping the intensity of track workouts and getting more speed work in is one way they’re achieving successful results. 

 “Personally, I get out a little too fast so Coach Terronez wants me to focus on myself and run my own race,” said varsity runner Zach Van Wychen. 

The team’s sense of camaraderie also plays an important role in this year’s success.  They get motivation by pushing each other to put in extra effort to achieve better times at every race.

As well as teammates’ support, Emily See, a top varsity runner, finds her motivation from her former coach Erin Flynn. 

“I get motivation from my old coach Flynn who still watches our races and she always reaches out to me,” said See. 

Team preparation and recovery are also key elements for the team. Kaidan Vanderweele, a varsity runner, does a lot of recovery and ice baths to keep his muscles loose in preparation for a meet. 

Maintaining a positive mindset during a race is key to finishing strong. Research has shown that a positive mindset can lead to success and help with recovery. Van Wychen gets through a race by repeating phrases in his head when he starts getting tired. 

Setting goals as individuals is essential in seeing progress but accomplishments as a team are a key to success. See is aiming to set a personal record and Vanderweele wants to break 17 minutes. 

The overall goal this cross country season is to qualify for state as a team which seems to be a realistic  possibility. The effort that each individual puts into the team is paying off this season and the team hopes the best is yet to come. 

For the team’s top varsity runner, Chase Wakefield, the key to his success is to enjoy the race and focus on the positive. 

“I don’t focus on the difficult aspects, I just keep pushing. The race is only so long, it’s better to enjoy it and I want to be out there.”