Drama club performs “Almost, Maine”

Drama club performs Almost, Maine

Delaney Fredricksen, Staff Writer

“Almost, Maine,” which was shown the weekend of Oct. 14, was the first actual play that the department has put on for around two years. Last year the drama club performed “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown,” and the previous year the play was performed digitally due to Covid restrictions. 

Junior Tyler Fink has been involved in the theater department since he was a freshman and was the youngest lead in the show. Fink was featured in around five different scenes, all portraying different characters. Fink loved the atmosphere the show created.

“I really enjoyed my cast, they made the show really fun, “said Fink. 

 This seemed to be a common theme among the cast members, including senior Grace Moore and junior Sola Lau. Each described the atmosphere that was created by the show to be extremely enjoyable for a small group of people. The play had 10 cast members, as well as six different crew members. 

Katie Howard, the director of the department, described the show as being about love, in each of its shades and variations, as stated in her director’s note. The show effectively conveys a  romantic comedy energy, as many of the scenes used clever wordplay to get their points across. The cast had an overwhelmingly positive attitude about the show and freshman Cash Dormire said it’s a show “everyone should go see.”

Jordyn Mitchell has been involved in over 30 shows and says that she has never been involved in a play like “Almost, Maine.” 

“It really is very different from a lot of other things I’ve done, but in the end I really do enjoy it,it” Mitchell said.